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10 Essential Products for Tiny House Living During Winter Months

Updated: Aug 2

As the chill of winter approaches, tiny house owners must prepare to withstand the cold temperatures and potential harsh weather conditions. Winterizing a tiny house involves taking necessary precautions to protect it from freezing temperatures, drafts, and other winter-related challenges. It is also important to have items that can keep our bodies warm in case there are power interruptions or there is a need to go out into the elements. In this blog post, we will explore the 10 products that can help efficiently winterize your tiny house and keep you cozy and comfortable throughout the colder months.

1. Dual Fuel Generator:

Having a generator on hand is crucial for ensuring that electricity is available during freezing temperatures. An overload to the electricity grid or damage to power lines can cause an interruption in service so it is important to have an alternative power source to heat tiny homes in the winter. The generator pictured below is a dual fuel generator that runs on either propane or gasoline. Extension chords can be run to power a space heater, appliances, and other electronic devices. Click on the image to get product pricing and details.

2. Energy-Efficient Space Heater:

Opt for a safe and energy-efficient space heater to supplement your tiny house's main heating system. Electric heaters or propane-powered options can provide reliable warmth without taking up much space.

3. Electric Fireplace:

Another option to heat your tiny home is to install an electric fireplace. The model shown below can be mounted on the wall and has an electric chord for easy installation.

4. Weatherstripping and Caulking:

Prevent cold drafts from seeping into your tiny house by sealing gaps and cracks with weatherstripping. Focus on doors, windows, and any other potential entry points for chilly air. There are many types of weatherstripping products and the one shown below is self-adhesive to provide easy installation.

5. Heated Water Hose:

To ensure a continuous water supply during winter, use a heated water hose to prevent freezing. This is particularly useful if you have not yet installed skirting on your tiny house and sometimes even with skirting in place the temperatures will drop enough to affect your potable water supply hose. It will be one less thing to worry about and you will not have to crawl under your home to try to fix the issue.

6. Skirting:

Enclose the space beneath your tiny house with skirting to create a barrier against cold winds. This will help maintain a stable interior temperature and protect pipes from freezing. If you choose to install vinyl skirting like the product shown below you will have to purchase enough panels to cover the parameter of your tiny home and install the upper and lower underpinning trim (product link in image below).

7. Salt:

Outdoor areas need protection from freezing. Spread salt on your steps, walkways, and driveways to safeguard them during winter. The product linked below is a 25 lbs. bag of salt that can be used for this project.

8. Heated Winter Jacket:

A great way to stay warm during the winter is to wear a heated jacket. Yes, heated jackets are a real product and they come with a rechargeable battery pack that powers the heating panels within the jacket. Check out the details of women's heated jacket below by clicking on the image.

9. Hand Warmers:

Some people's hands need a little more help than other's to stay warm when it gets chilly outside. Thankfully there are rechargeable hand warmers that will help keep your hands toasty.

10. Heated Blanket:

Investing in a heated blanket is something you will be happy you did. Snuggling under a heated blanket can offer comfort and your pets will appreciate being able to enjoy the warmth as well.

Winterizing your tiny house is essential to ensure comfort, safety, and energy efficiency during the colder months. By using the right products, such as effective insulation materials, energy-efficient heaters, weatherstripping, and skirting, you can create a cozy and well-protected living space. Don't forget to address plumbing concerns with heated water hoses and skirting. By taking these steps and keeping your own body warm, you can enjoy the winter season in your tiny house without worrying about the harsh weather outside. Stay warm and snug!

*Products shown are Amazon affiliate products.

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